Monday, July 20, 2009

Dominating your niche through Business Networking

One of the temptations in business networking is to speak about your business in very general terms in case you miss a possible opportunity. The problem with this approach is that everyone misses the specific opportunities they could refer you to. Presenting your business in terms of the specific things you do for a defined target market produces much better results.

Last week Chris Bose explained how the Internet works in a seminar before the NRG London City Business Networking Group Lunch. The seminar was called, 'Dominate your online niche to survive and prosper'.

Chris demonstrated real expertise by explaining in simple terms how you can get well qualified web traffic through the search engines by presenting content that specifically answers the things your potential clients are asking. It is much better to get the 100 real prospects for your business than 100,000 who may or may not be interested. You can find out about real google searches with their free tool at

The same applies in business networking. Talk about the specific issues that your target market have, where they are and what they will be saying about their problems. There are two simple ways to establish what questions they are asking. You can use the same free google tool and you can ask them!

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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