Thursday, July 30, 2009

Networking is not all about working the room

Last week I was chatting with some friends at a party and some new people were introduced. One asked about my business. I explained that we ran business networking groups for the owners and directors of service businesses and partners in professional firms. She said "I couldn't do that networking stuff. All that walking into a room full of strangers and working the room is far too difficult"

Her comments reflect a common concern amongst people who have no networking experience or those who have had a bad experience. Some organisations even reinforce the view that all you need is to 'work the room'. I spoke with someone who runs a business organisation who said "We do networking events - we stick people in a room and let them get on with it!" Some 'networking' training courses are focused solely on the subject of working the room. Some people are comfortable with that approach, but it's the minority in my experience.

My own view is that networking is about building mutually profitable relationships over time. Often the best environment for that is in a group where some level of facilitation is provided to help you achieve your business networking goals. There are plenty out there so try a few and find the ones that suit you and your business.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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