Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are online relationships more short term?

I was asked a number of questions in my webcast last week on 'How to Effectively Combine Offline & Online Networking'. One viewer said "It's more important to meet people offline and spend more time, this makes a relationship long term. Online relationships are more short term. Your views please?"

I have built long term relationships from connections I have made online. I have subsequently met many of these people so the relationships are now both online & offline. There are some I have never met because they are in countries I have not visited. This has not stopped us providing support, knowledge and contacts to each other.

I think the real answer is that most people make more offline connections than online ones and a smaller proportion of those online ones develop into real relationships. I wrote briefly about this in 'Quality versus quantity in Business Networking' yesterday.

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Dave Clarke
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