Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are you listening or shouting online?

I have listened to Graham Jones speak at seminars at NRG Business Networking Events a couple of times recently. His theme has been 'How to double your Web Site Traffic'. His advice has been gratefully received (and hopefully acted on!) by the participants.

More and more people have asked him about Twitter during the presentations and he has given a couple of great examples about how you can use Twitter (and other Social Media) to listen for conversations relevant to you and your business and then engage in those conversations. Many business people have looked at Twitter and assumed it is for shouting about your services rather than engaging in conversations. This is a bit like going to a networking event and selling to the people there. I have written in previous posts that networking is not selling.

I have a couple of automated Twitter searches set up for Networking and NRG Networking specifically. On more than a few occasions recently I have been alerted to comments about NRG from members and guests and then responded directly to questions from people who replied to those comments.

For more on this subject take a look at Graham's excellent Beginners Guide to Twitter.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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