Monday, May 11, 2009

Time Management and Networking Follow up

In a recent time management seminar before the monthly NRG London City Group Networking Lunch the presenter, Bob Hayward, shared some time management tips for dealing with new items that come up in our work. The specific context was dealing with emails;

4 Ds & 1 F

Delete it - if it's an email that needs nothing further then delete.
Delegate it - if it's not your job pass it on.
Deal with it - if it's quicker to do something now then do it now.
Diary it - if you need to schedule more time make a specific diary entry.
File it - if you don't need to action, but feel you may need to refer to it in future.

The one that seems to get forgotten in networking is the Diary one. People enter networking events and One2One meetings in the diary, but not the time for follow up. So next time you are entering things into your calendar set aside time for following up as well. Also remember that you can make use of time that used to be non productive with the mobile devices that many people carry today.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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