Friday, May 29, 2009

Telling a story to illustrate what you do

One of the attendees at a seminar I presented last week on effective business networking shared that she had used some of the advance material at a breakfast meeting that morning. She had used her one minute there to tell a story about a client and felt that people fully understood for the first time what she did.

One of the exercises we use in NRG Business Networking Seminars is to try and help people communicate what they do in a way that people will understand more readily.

Some people have a tendency to over complicate their explanation of what they do. One very simple way to help people understand is to tell a quick story. The elements needed are a quick explanation of the situation one of your clients was facing, what you did and the result. With practice you can make sure the example represents the type of client you deal with, the problems they have that you solve and the results you achieve. It's no accident that the media use human interest in their stories so why not do the same?

Here is a quick example from one of our NRG networking groups. A new partner in a professional firm needed to generate his own clients from scratch within a limited time and with few local connections. He joined one of our networking groups and spent time each month connecting with other professionals and building a small number of good relationships giving support and making referrals where he could. A year on and he has a steadily increasing number of referrals and new clients from the time invested in these relationships.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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