Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to create a successful online networking profile

I recently wrote '10 tips for building business with the effective use of offline & online networks' in response to a number of requests for help with getting the balance right between offline & online networking. I also wrote about the subject in my National Networker Column last month, 'UK: How small businesses really network.'

With any online network your profile is at the heart of your experience. It’s how people can be sure they’ve found the right person when they search for you. Here are some tips on creating a successful online business networking profile from this month's NRG-networks Community Newsletter.

• Just like when you meet someone in person, your profile photo is the way people who meet you online can put a face to your name.

• What you write in your online profile summary is just like the 30 second introduction you’d give to someone you’ve just met, so don’t underestimate the value in spending a little bit of your time getting it just right.

• You can add a few carefully thought-out keywords to your profile to indicate how you’d like to be found when people search for you. Think about the things you specialise in and add them to the keywords section on your profile.

• Your education, your interests, and your professional experience are the kind of things other people are likely to find interesting about you and what you do. They trigger conversation and interaction. So make sure you add as much information as you can so people find you and ask to connect with you.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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