Friday, October 2, 2009

What is this #FollowFriday on Twitter?

In a One on One meeting earlier this week the other person said to me "I have just joined Twitter, what is this #FollowFriday?" I explained that on Fridays many people tweet the names of Twitter users they would like others to follow and tag the update with #followfriday. "Who would you recommend?" she said.

So far I have advocated these experts in their respective fields:

@ajwilcox Mind mapping generally and Mind Manager specifically
@andylopata Advice on effective business networking strategy
@AlanRae helpful stuff for growing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs
@askten interesting facts daily
@BernieJMitchell Everything networking in Kings Cross and Olympic 2012 Boroughs
@BookMarkLee Helping accountants and those who want to work with accountants
@GrahamJones Great insights on using the internet to really connect with people
@jondavey Business in Berkshire and New Business Leads
@nicktadd Help with twitter & other Social Media
@Nigel_Morgan PR advice on creating a great reputation
@NigelTemple Practical small business marketing hints & tips
@Richard_White Daily sales tips and recommendations from the Accidental Salesman®
@Rodsloane No bull small business marketing
@Thebookwright Unleash that book inside you...!

For the history of how this all developed see '#FollowFriday: The Anatomy of a Twitter Trend'

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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