Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The real opportunity represented by people in the room

If you are new to business networking you may well be looking for opportunities to do business with the people you meet. This can be a very short term view and you may well stop before you really get to the benefits to be gained from networking. Each person you meet knows many more people. In the longer term having that person as an advocate can lead you to repeated and consistent business opportunities. When you meet someone that has the potential to unlock many doors for you then build the relationship first.

Someone asked me today about the types of business represented in the NRG-networks groups. He said "I am keen to join but would like a summary of who your members are ?? Small / Medium or large business ..."

I replied "Mostly Directors & Partners in small (10 to 49 employees).
They are suppliers & trusted advisers to medium & large.

It is the second sentence in my reply that demonstrates the real opportunity. The size and types of business they have dealings and real influence with.

The subject also came up in this blog post recently;
'Having conversations that matter when networking'

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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