Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Advocacy Model: Form Relationships

I wrote last time that once you have made a good connection the best way to follow up is to arrange a OnetoOne meeting to discuss things further. Stage 3 of the Advocacy Model, form relationships, is next.

Assuming your assessment after Stage 2 is positive you should be prepared to
make a ‘qualified referral’. This is where you connect this person to another with the proviso that you have limited experience of their capability. You should also be prepared to invite them to join your network group and share helpful information and advice with them.

If appropriate you might work with them on a low risk joint project.

Your objectives are to:
· Get feedback
· Build trust in them and their capability
· Continue to make qualified referrals until you decide to move forward

When you make that decision and provided you still like them you are almost at the Advocate stage. More on that next time.

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Good Networking!
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