Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do you do much cold calling?

In a previous post, 'In a world of thousands of suppliers Word of Mouth is essential' I mentioned a recent NRG-networks seminar from author Grant Leboff on how sales & marketing have changed.

One of the things that Grant discussed was the value placed on a cold call by the recipient. Before the Internet a cold call could be a very useful way of gaining information on a subject as part of a purchasing process. A relationship would often be built in this way. A quick straw poll indicated that none of the seminar audience saw that value any more and did not take cold calls.

I mentioned this to a couple of people today. One said that networking was his best route to market, but he still had some success with cold calling. He has a very clear idea of his target market, his proposition and the value he adds. He demonstrates his expertise and value with great questions and the connections he makes. The kind of actions that show a genuine desire to help and not just the let me help you buy my stuff kind!

Great lessons for all kinds of business development activity.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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