Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Advocacy Model: Develop Advocates

In Stage 3 of the Advocacy Model, form relationships, I wrote about moving from follow up to developing a trusted relationship. The final stage of this journey is Stage 4, Develop Advocates.

This is point at which you are prepared to promote another person actively and unreservedly. The people that you advocate will be in your mind to scout and prospect for when you go to network events. You will look out for suppliers, prospects and potential partners.

The key aspect of this stage of the networking relationship is that it requires continual nurturing. You must keep looking to provide ongoing value to the relationship, eg:
· continuing to make connections and introductions
· using your expertise to provide information to them

As you do this for others, and are seen to do this, the level of trust that others have in you will increase and others will become advocates for you. For my story on how this approach can save you time and money see, 'Networking groups save time'

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Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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