Thursday, October 23, 2008

Repetition, Reputation & Results

I attended a marketing presentation for the owners of small businesses last week.

During one of the discussions people shared the number of different marketing activities they undertook. The average was about 4 or 5 with only a couple including advertising.

The general view was 'advertising doesn't work'. Most of the people who said that had tried it once. Usually with something like Yellow Pages, a local version or an equivalent online directory.

The people who were successful in advertising did it consistently & persistently.
They used media which was read, listened to or watched by their target market.
For them it was not a one off or occasional activity.

This reminded me of people who say 'networking doesn't work'.

It doesn't if you generally meet people once or twice and expect something first.
It does when you get to know people over time & help them with advice, support and introductions. That is where Repetition, Reputation and Results comes in.
Think of them as the 3Rs of Networking.

You get to know people by repeated activity and meeting regularly.
This means joining a group then consistently attending, and contributing to that group.

You build your reputation by what you give to others. The knowledge you share, the support you provide and the introductions you make.

This motivates others to give back to you and deliver you the results you deserve.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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