Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who answers your phone whilst you are out?

One of the points covered at last week's Client Attraction Techniques Masterclass from Small Business Marketing Expert Nigel Temple was response time. Your clients or potential clients often want an answer right now. Indeed this is so important that 80% of business people do not leave a message if they get an answer machine or voicemail.

If you are investing valuable time in generating leads and referrals from networking and other business development activities you don't want to lose out when you can't answer the phone personally. It is uneconomic for may small businesses to employ a receptionist. There are, however, many virtual office and phone reception services available for a relatively small fixed fee or you can pay as you go.

We use a phone answering service from Verbatim for our inbound phone calls. It's an efficient, professional and cost effective way of ensuring we don't miss those important calls. Especially those that require a quick response!

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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