Monday, November 3, 2008

Join a networking group and save 2 years

A number of NRG-networks members shared some experiences recently on how long it took them to get results from networking. Each of them owned a specialist consulting business operating with Corporate Customers. Typically it had taken them a couple of years to work out the importance of being structured and targeted with their networking.

At the end one of them said the reason that he liked our NRG groups so much was that they were structured so he could identify and build his Inner Network much more quickly than in other groups he had tried and in a lot of random activity. In fact it had taken him 2 months to achieve what had taken him 2 years elsewhere.

If your networking seems to be going nowhere take some time to work out what the right groups are for you and your business. A good question to start with is "Where do the owners of other businesses with similar markets to you network?"

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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